Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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The key drama is about to start brewing. I'm like a young lady who is being trained for the first time, and he is sitting on the sofa and watching the passionate drama played by the director. The actor is the actor himself. Oh, he was blinding when he kissed. When he stroked it was fish in troubled water. The heroine's figure was plump. They consoled me that she was too fat. Previously, I only watched the three-level film for the research of the subject. It was the first time that I really sat with the actor.

Then, it's not time to go to bed. Unexpectedly, the actor took a guitar, played it up, and sang Pu Shu-style sad original. He, once a band's guitarist, had dreams of rock and roll, but others told him that as an actor, acting was the right way, but he never rose. I don't know if this is a technical arrangement or a physiological need for hormonal secretion. In short, it's a very humanized part that allows you to ooze a little emotion. At that moment, I even thought, is this the true one that is closest to him? There is stubbornness in the eyes and confusion in the expression.

He put down his guitar and looked at me quietly. I blushed unexpectedly. At this time, the director began to clear the scene, leaving only the camera, the headlights, the director, me, him and the bed with a special red linen. His tall body is accompanied by gentle movements. He spreads out his foreplay from head to toe, from left to right, from one sensitive to the other, and the original man’s sense of involvement can really perform, if not filming. , you can't believe that a man can last more than 1 hour foreplay, replica hermes belt keep the rhythm of the heartbeat, and remain extremely gentle or rough.

From time to time, the director asked for a different perspective. We became opponents of mutual protection, he let the camera in place and avoid me from a professional perspective. When the director asked him to strip naked for a hip close-up, I would cover him again. Sometimes replacement bit stop, we simply do not switch states, and this 10 seconds but very close love, outside painting is really a kiss kiss.

Foreplay was unknowingly more than an hour and a half. The exhausted lyrics were more cruel than reality. I can understand the pain of Liang Zhaowei's shooting of “Lust and Caution”. I do not know how long it took, an accidentally, caught fire on the edge of danger, as if cosplay became a real body. On the surface, my dress was not strange, but we completed an embarrassment in the affair, and it was even more true than stealing. irony.

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