Friday, December 8, 2017

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filed a lawsuit against the people's court of hexi district, tianjin, and sued tianjin tumor hospital for the general personality rights of the litigant. But the case has not been ruled, and even the death of one of the participants, the court ruled that is given based on the equal right to go to a doctor does not belong to the people's court civil case scope of accepting cases, therefore, the plaintiff's prosecution is not in conformity with the law, in accordance with the civil procedure law reject the plaintiff's prosecution. The process of the lawsuit tells us that the rejected diagnosis cannot be supported and supported by the law, which is a reasonable and unjustifiable thing. Then I would like to say that although the diagnosis itself is a form of discrimination, the inadequacy of the law is another form of discrimination.Discrimination against work and school

Venereal patients can't be enlisted as a soldier, because the army is a gay centralized place, so sexual needs to solve a problem, normal gay sex in the armed forces, and this kind of behavior is not accepted in principle and protection, there would be no protection measures, the risk of disease transmission is very large Mcm Backpack patients cannot be enlisted as a soldier, I'm from this Angle to understand. It's also a reason that the army may want to be more open about sexual behavior, or more or less, and it's a good reason, but I prefer to believe in the former. STD in traditional moral standards because the style is not straight, but a sexually transmitted disease has 29, some even can be transmitted by skin contact, sina news reported that the family of six to Shanghai hotel Mcm Backpack? Doctor: probability is not big but may , replica mcm belt like using public toilets infection acuteness wet wart, this style is no what relation? So the old brain needs to change, to separate venereal disease and morality. Even if it is because of a sexually transmitted disease, it is not a matter of style: it may be an object that is not known to be infected by an object, or it may be an over-belief in the infection of a husband's wife. But the military is militarized, and it's ok to have special requirements. I'm just going to write this down here and I just want to make a point.

Both Mcm Backpack and hepatitis b are venereal diseases (diseases that can be sexually transmitted by sex are known as Mcm Backpack), and the route is the same, but the treatment is different now. MCM Belt is not enter oneself for an examination of civil servants, I change a more rigorous, you can enter oneself for an examination, but the civil servants will be physical, detect the MCM Belt positive is can't be civil servants, is equivalent to cannot enter oneself for an examination. So we have to do a reason why we cannot apply for an examination. The job intensity of civil servants is very large, the body that Mcm Backpack infected person cannot bear? In fact, this regulation is not only now, the former civil servant's treatment and the work intensity I think everyone has also known, I will not repeat. If that doesn't make sense, it's that civil servants need long-term jobs, replica mcm backpack and the lives of those infected with MCM Belt/Mcm Backpack?