Sunday, November 12, 2017

Hermes Belt UK Replica Online Sale 2017

Compared with that, the university tradition is professional education, which can be traced back to the middle ages to cultivate the professionalism of priests and lawyers. Increasingly along with the industrial revolution brought about by the division of labor specialization, and with the development of science hermes belt uk and technology brought about by specialization, professionalism of the traditional power in education in university is getting stronger and stronger. Every student that the university wants to cultivate can be a leader in the future, but it's not always the case that students go to college. Who can be sure that they are going to be leaders?

For most students, the more realistic option is to gain a skilled job through specialized training and earn a high-paying job after graduation. As more and more children from non-elite families enter universities, the trend towards specialization and professionalism is becoming more pronounced. Those scholars are deeply influenced by classical education thought, inveighed against the short-sighted and get rich quick behavior, but he (she) is very difficult to change even influence students' thoughts, hermes belt replica uk actions and choices. In fact, since the beginning of the 20th century, the so-called general education top universities in the United States is not smooth, the battle between general and professionalism, is very fierce.

So, general knowledge of education is essentially a free education. Harry lewis, the former dean of harvard's undergraduate school, put it very clearly: the word 'knowledge' in education means' freedom '. The freedom of the owner; It has always been the basic principle of harvard education to make people's minds more free and their hearts more noble through their knowledge of education.

The core aim of general education, in order to make students establish faith in the American free democratic society, identity values of American freedom and democracy society, promote the development of America's free democratic society and progress. In a word, education is the education of American society, replica hermes belt uk with its distinctive American brand and education for American interests.

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