Thursday, November 30, 2017

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Hermes Belt education is undergoing the most profound changes in its history. In September 2014, the state council executive meeting, central comprehensively deepen reform leading group meetings, the politburo standing committee meetings, examined and passed at the meeting of the political bureau of the central committee, the state council issued on deepening the reform of the examination recruitment system implementation opinion, marked the new round test enrollment system reform. For micro education unit, how to according to the requirements of the implementation opinions, implement the spirit of the central, achieve more dynamic system innovation, replica hermes belt is a rare historical opportunity, is also a huge challenge. Reform in the deep zone is not easy, and the comprehensive reform of the education system is particularly complex.

We must maintain a firm belief and high degree of confidence, based on Hermes Belt specific national conditions, draw lessons from the successful experience of the world's top university of talent selection, out of a accord with the actual situation of Louis Vuitton Belt with Hermes Belt characteristics of selecting talents. This is our mission and the responsibility we must shoulder.
Now people of education there are a lot of dissatisfaction and criticism, mainly reflected in two aspects: on the one hand, from the point of social public opinion, almost every article criticized the education in the traditional media and new media by different levels of attention, it is easy to cause the forwarding and empathy; On the other hand, people vote with their feet, with the condition that they send their children abroad without conditions, and the children who send out the books are getting younger and younger. This round of study-abroad, which began around 2008, is holding many groups in society, even within the education sector. This is a worrying thing: if the chefs in the restaurant don't eat at the restaurant, can anyone else eat it?

The reason for the dissatisfaction and criticism is that people's demand for education has not been met. Here, I'm assuming that the education requirement for people is a parent's education requirement for children -- in real life, children's choice of education is more influenced by parental will. The needs of parents represent the children's needs.

What's a parent's need for a child's education? Whatever social class parents are in, it's safe to say that in the first place, all parents want their children to live as long as possible. Living long means the body must be healthy; Second, all parents in the world want their children to have a safe and happy life. Ping an happiness means that there is no disaster in life, even if the child is in trouble, he can overcome it. After all, fake hermes belt parents always have to go on that day, children will face the hardship of life independently, which requires a healthy, optimistic and strong mind. Finally, all parents want their children to be good and do the right thing.

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