Thursday, November 30, 2017

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On New Year's eve, my wife and I were hanging out by the lake. There are few people on the campus, and our family enjoys the rare silence. Suddenly, I heard someone calling my name. Turning to look, a boy excitedly ran to say: teacher, you don't remember me? I am the student that you invite! He warmly greets me and his family, replica hermes belt and wishes our family a happy New Year and good luck. As I spoke to him, I mentally recalled which student he was. Oh, I remember, his home is in a mountain deep in guizhou. In that year, he became the first student in the village to be admitted to Peking University. Under the auspices of the local government and Peking University, his tolls, tuition and living expenses have been brought to a halt, without adding a burden to the family.

In the evening, I watch the Spring Festival gala and collect the mail. There was a letter from the university of California, Berkeley, which I recruited a few years ago. She was recognized as the first in the middle school, but during the two days of the college entrance exam, she had a high fever and failed in the exam. If she doesn't have a 30-point discount on her own admission, she may never be able to stay in Peking University for the rest of her life. After entering Peking University, she not only studied academic performance but also participated in a large number of social activities. Last year, she successfully applied for a full scholarship to Berkeley and continued her doctorate. She made a beautiful card with her own background, the boya tower in Peking University and the bell tower in Berkeley, wishing me a happy and prosperous New Year.

As a former college admissions officer, I can still receive the blessings of the students that I received in a few years, and I am very moved as well. It gives us the meaning and value of what we do. The students wished me the best of everything, and they knew what I was thinking.

My biggest wish, is able to put each and every one is suitable for the students in Peking University, Peking University culture let him (her) to accept the best undergraduate education, as to the country and the society, and contributes to the progress of human civilization leads the future leaders. I not only hope to achieve this, the north is also looking forward to other top universities can stand in the Angle of the country and the nation, according to the characteristics of the students and the comprehensive quality, not completely according to the university entrance exam, select the suitable cultivation of the students. I more hope, by deepening the reform of examination recruitment system, to reverse or change in the current middle school basic education is more and more serious exam-oriented training ecological, help students better growth, realize the education fair and scientific selection, for the construction of an innovative country cultivate more talents full of creativity and imagination.

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