Thursday, November 30, 2017

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Hermes Belt education is undergoing the most profound changes in its history. In September 2014, the state council executive meeting, central comprehensively deepen reform leading group meetings, the politburo standing committee meetings, examined and passed at the meeting of the political bureau of the central committee, the state council issued on deepening the reform of the examination recruitment system implementation opinion, marked the new round test enrollment system reform. For micro education unit, how to according to the requirements of the implementation opinions, implement the spirit of the central, achieve more dynamic system innovation, replica hermes belt is a rare historical opportunity, is also a huge challenge. Reform in the deep zone is not easy, and the comprehensive reform of the education system is particularly complex.

We must maintain a firm belief and high degree of confidence, based on Hermes Belt specific national conditions, draw lessons from the successful experience of the world's top university of talent selection, out of a accord with the actual situation of Louis Vuitton Belt with Hermes Belt characteristics of selecting talents. This is our mission and the responsibility we must shoulder.
Now people of education there are a lot of dissatisfaction and criticism, mainly reflected in two aspects: on the one hand, from the point of social public opinion, almost every article criticized the education in the traditional media and new media by different levels of attention, it is easy to cause the forwarding and empathy; On the other hand, people vote with their feet, with the condition that they send their children abroad without conditions, and the children who send out the books are getting younger and younger. This round of study-abroad, which began around 2008, is holding many groups in society, even within the education sector. This is a worrying thing: if the chefs in the restaurant don't eat at the restaurant, can anyone else eat it?

The reason for the dissatisfaction and criticism is that people's demand for education has not been met. Here, I'm assuming that the education requirement for people is a parent's education requirement for children -- in real life, children's choice of education is more influenced by parental will. The needs of parents represent the children's needs.

What's a parent's need for a child's education? Whatever social class parents are in, it's safe to say that in the first place, all parents want their children to live as long as possible. Living long means the body must be healthy; Second, all parents in the world want their children to have a safe and happy life. Ping an happiness means that there is no disaster in life, even if the child is in trouble, he can overcome it. After all, fake hermes belt parents always have to go on that day, children will face the hardship of life independently, which requires a healthy, optimistic and strong mind. Finally, all parents want their children to be good and do the right thing.

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On New Year's eve, my wife and I were hanging out by the lake. There are few people on the campus, and our family enjoys the rare silence. Suddenly, I heard someone calling my name. Turning to look, a boy excitedly ran to say: teacher, you don't remember me? I am the student that you invite! He warmly greets me and his family, replica hermes belt and wishes our family a happy New Year and good luck. As I spoke to him, I mentally recalled which student he was. Oh, I remember, his home is in a mountain deep in guizhou. In that year, he became the first student in the village to be admitted to Peking University. Under the auspices of the local government and Peking University, his tolls, tuition and living expenses have been brought to a halt, without adding a burden to the family.

In the evening, I watch the Spring Festival gala and collect the mail. There was a letter from the university of California, Berkeley, which I recruited a few years ago. She was recognized as the first in the middle school, but during the two days of the college entrance exam, she had a high fever and failed in the exam. If she doesn't have a 30-point discount on her own admission, she may never be able to stay in Peking University for the rest of her life. After entering Peking University, she not only studied academic performance but also participated in a large number of social activities. Last year, she successfully applied for a full scholarship to Berkeley and continued her doctorate. She made a beautiful card with her own background, the boya tower in Peking University and the bell tower in Berkeley, wishing me a happy and prosperous New Year.

As a former college admissions officer, I can still receive the blessings of the students that I received in a few years, and I am very moved as well. It gives us the meaning and value of what we do. The students wished me the best of everything, and they knew what I was thinking.

My biggest wish, is able to put each and every one is suitable for the students in Peking University, Peking University culture let him (her) to accept the best undergraduate education, as to the country and the society, and contributes to the progress of human civilization leads the future leaders. I not only hope to achieve this, the north is also looking forward to other top universities can stand in the Angle of the country and the nation, according to the characteristics of the students and the comprehensive quality, not completely according to the university entrance exam, select the suitable cultivation of the students. I more hope, by deepening the reform of examination recruitment system, to reverse or change in the current middle school basic education is more and more serious exam-oriented training ecological, help students better growth, realize the education fair and scientific selection, for the construction of an innovative country cultivate more talents full of creativity and imagination.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

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Compared with that, the university tradition is professional education, which can be traced back to the middle ages to cultivate the professionalism of priests and lawyers. Increasingly along with the industrial revolution brought about by the division of labor specialization, and with the development of science hermes belt uk and technology brought about by specialization, professionalism of the traditional power in education in university is getting stronger and stronger. Every student that the university wants to cultivate can be a leader in the future, but it's not always the case that students go to college. Who can be sure that they are going to be leaders?

For most students, the more realistic option is to gain a skilled job through specialized training and earn a high-paying job after graduation. As more and more children from non-elite families enter universities, the trend towards specialization and professionalism is becoming more pronounced. Those scholars are deeply influenced by classical education thought, inveighed against the short-sighted and get rich quick behavior, but he (she) is very difficult to change even influence students' thoughts, hermes belt replica uk actions and choices. In fact, since the beginning of the 20th century, the so-called general education top universities in the United States is not smooth, the battle between general and professionalism, is very fierce.

So, general knowledge of education is essentially a free education. Harry lewis, the former dean of harvard's undergraduate school, put it very clearly: the word 'knowledge' in education means' freedom '. The freedom of the owner; It has always been the basic principle of harvard education to make people's minds more free and their hearts more noble through their knowledge of education.

The core aim of general education, in order to make students establish faith in the American free democratic society, identity values of American freedom and democracy society, promote the development of America's free democratic society and progress. In a word, education is the education of American society, replica hermes belt uk with its distinctive American brand and education for American interests.

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The idea and thought of education, or liberty education, came from Athens, Greece. In the slave society, people were divided into two groups: free men and slaves. Among them, the free man is the ruler, the slave is the ruler. Education is different for both groups. As ruler of the sensible is acceptable for the free education, thinking and the pursuit of the good life, do not have any practical color, fake hermes belt is a professional is also professional, the purpose is to develop a for themselves, for their own position in society and the universe has a full understanding of the whole person.

As the slaves of the governed, to the contrary, they accept the practical rather than education training, through specialized professional training and some practical skills, can provide servant nature of the service for free. Thus, based on the class and social division of labor is different, so as to form a liberal art and low industrial between, between freedom and professional and trained for specific transactional inferior and accept for the rule of the broad the opposition and gap between the higher education gentleman.

This distinction between the Renaissance period and the college education and university education has been profoundly affected. The college education is exactly the education of a kind of ruler, pursuing non-professional and non-professional, aiming at cultivating the all-around development of the whole person. The so-called Liberal Arts, refers to the general education in college, its are main the feature is that a teacher with a group of students, to master train an apprentice way, discussed without any practical color metaphysical ultimate question. The education, which is based on residential colleges, replica hermes belt uk is suitable for small colleges and is almost impossible for larger universities.

The tradition of Education, a college, reached the 20th century, and it profoundly affected the top universities in the United States to train leaders as the main target of the General Education, which is called General Education. It has absorbed the virtues of Liberal Arts and adapted to the transition to a German research university. In the undergraduate stage, it is important to emphasize the university of education, which is to train leaders in the United States and around the world for its mission. Education, which aims to cultivate leaders, hermes belt uk replica is no different from education, the institution that aims to cultivate rulers in ancient Greece and the Renaissance.